Ordination Process

Broadly speaking, formation is that which shapes who we are and how we view the world.  When we consider formation for ordained ministry, we are speaking more about an intentional process whereby we are shaped academically, spiritually, and personally in order to live more fully into the demands of ministry.  In the Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania, this process occurs in community and involves a great number of individuals, all of whom share the privilege of forming effective, transformational leaders for mission.  For more information on the ordination process in the Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania, please contact Canon Vanessa Butler at 814.456.4203 or at vbutler@dionwpa.org.

Explorer's day

September 9, 2017 at St. Mark's, Erie

10:00 AM - 3:15 PM

Lunch will be provided

Explorer's Day is a joint program with the Diocese of Western New York that serves as the entry point to the ordination process. People who believe they may have a call to ordained ministry or a deeper call to lay ministry are invited to attend, along with the priest from their congregation. We will take a look at the role of the three orders (lay, deacon, and priest) through reflection on the Book of Common Prayer, bible studies, and reflections from representatives of each of the three orders. We will also explain the details of our respective ordination processes. We hope that, through this day-long program, participants will be able to make informed decisions about their next steps and better discern their call to ministry. 

Please note: attendance at this event is required to enter the ordination process.

To sign up for the event, please contact Valerie Hudson at vhudson@dionwpa.org or call at 814.456.4203. 

UPcoming Events

Institute for Ministry Courses

For upcoming Institute Courses, please visit our Formation Opportunities page.

Explorer's Day

September 9, 2017 @ St. Mark's, Erie

10:00 AM - 3:15 PM

Lunch will be provided

To register, contact Valerie Hudson at vhudson@dionwpa.org or 814.456.4203.

Aspirants' Retreats

Fall 2017 (with Spouses)

October 20-21

Cathedral of St. Paul, Erie