The conviction that praying shapes believing is part of our Anglican heritage. Prayer is a core practice of our Christian faith and serves as both a foundation and covering for our common mission. 

I invite you to join me in prayer for our diocese at St. John's, Sharon, on March 17-18 from noon to noon. We will set aside 24 hours to pray for each other, our common life and mission, and our communities. 

Please join us as you are able. I recognize that not everyone will be able to join us in Sharon, but I hope that you will offer prayer from wherever you are during that time. 


Prayer vigil schedule

We will be praying from noon to noon with services and events planned throughout the vigil. All are welcome to join us for any portion of the vigil, whether that be attending a single service, coming just to pray on your own for a time, or being present for the full 24 hours. There will be food provided throughout our time. 

There is a form below for those who would like to submit prayer requests to be prayed over by our intercessors. You are welcome to submit as many as you would like. 

If you have any questions about this event or submitting a prayer request, please contact Vanessa

Schedule for Prayer Vigil

March 17-18

St. John's, Sharon

12:00 PM    Stations of the Cross

2:30 PM     Centering Prayer teaching and prayer time

5:30 PM     Evening Prayer

7:00 PM     Healing Service

10:00 PM   Compline

11:00 PM    Oral Reading of Book of Revelation

12:00 AM   Private Prayer/Intercession over submitted prayers

7:00 AM    Morning Prayer and Praise

9:00 AM    Prayerwalk & prayers for community

11:00 AM    Eucharist

12:00 PM    Lunch with St. John's Family Kitchen (if you wish to stay)

Prayer requests