79th general convention of the episcopal church

July 5-13

Austin, Texas

direct from the diocese

Media coverage of General Convention from DioNWPA deputation and volunteers.

  • A Final word from austin

    Presiding Bishop Curry, Bishop Bill Franklin of Western New York, and Bishop Sean wrapping up general convention. WATCH VIDEO

  • General convention greeting

    Bishop Sean Rowe and Bishop Elect Kevin Nichols of the Diocese of Bethlehem send greetings on the final day of General Convention. 


  • daily wrap up for june 12

    The final deputation dispatch from the 79th General Convention courtesy of the Rev. Stacey Fussell of Ascension, Bradford.  WATCH VIDEO

  • and on the 7th day, the budget was presented...

    With committees beginning to conclude their work so it can be brought to the attention of the House of Deputies, this 8th consecutive General Convention has been the most moving for me... READ MORE

  • Greetings from austin on day 6

    By Kaycee Reib of St. John's, Franklin

    Many thoughts as I traveled at 7:30 this morning on my scooter 8 blocks to my last committee meeting... a beautiful, warm day with little traffic... friendly folks along the way. READ MORE

  • Prayer Book Revision and marriage rites

    Diocesan chancellor Jim Steadman checks in with a recap of Day 5 deliberations at General Convention. WATCH VIDEO

  • worship, elections and debate

    Video recap of General Convention Day 4 from the Rev. Adam Trambley of St. John's, Sharon. WATCH VIDEO

  • passionately sharing truth

    Greetings from Austin!  As a first time deputy to General Convention, this experience has been a whirlwind so far for me. READ MORE

  • greetings from general convention

    Recap of the second legislative day of General Convention from Craig Dressler of St. Mark's, Erie.  WATCH VIDEO

  • reflecting on general convention

    Reflecting on General Convention with first time deputy the Rev. Mary Norton. WATCH VIDEO

  • Episcopal church needs to look for #metoo in the details

    (RNS) - Anyone who follows the news from the Episcopal Church's General convention, which begins this week (July 5) in Austin, Texas, might hear about the more than 20 resolutions put forward by an all-female special committee on sexual abuse... READ MORE

  • the case against revision

    House of Deputies news story by The Rev. Adam Trambley

    As a parish priest, I see a need for Common Prayer revision, but I am strongly opposed to Book of Common Prayer revision.  READ MORE

  • group of bishops propose compromise on thorny issue of paying house of deputies president

    Full article by Mary Frances Schjonberg of the Episcopal News Service  READ MORE

  • Ask the bishop

    Bishop Sean discusses the hot button issues of General Convention, as well as the buzz generated by the Presiding Bishop's sermon at the royal wedding. WATCH VIDEO

  • Church Nerd: What the Heck Does General Convention Look Like Anyways? Edition

    How to adequately describe The Episcopal Church's General Convention.... READ MORE

meet the deputies

Learn more about each of the eight deputies representing our diocese at the 79th General Convention by clicking on the photos below.

  • Anne Bardol

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  • craig dressler

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  • the rev. stacey fussell

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  • The Rev. Mary Norton

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  • kaycee reib

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  • jim steadman

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  • the rev. adam trambley

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  • the rev. elizabeth yale

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General Convention.org (www.generalconvention.org)

The official website of the 79th General Convention - includes orientation videos, the Blue Book (which houses resolutions and reports), the General Convention schedule, and other useful documents. 

Overview of the Two Houses of General Convention, Legislative Committees and Processes, Rules of Order

Explanatory video with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and House of Deputies President Gay Jennings

GC 2018 Media Hub (https://www.episcopalchurch.org/general-convention-2018-media-hub)

Live streaming and on-demand features from the 2018 General Convention

House of Deputies General Convention Resources

List of GC 2018 resources provided to the House of Deputies. 

The 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church

A downloadable .pdf booklet from the Diocese of Texas that spells out the basics of General Convention; suitable for all ages.