Diocesan Documents and policies

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Diocesan Committees

Expectations for Meetings for all Diocesan Committees

Diocesan Council

Ministry Description


The Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe (President)

Ed Palattella (Vice President - Term expires in 2021)

The Rev. Adam Trambley (Secretary)

Canon Robert Armstrong (Treasurer)

Canon James Steadman, Esq. (Chancellor)

The Rev. Bill Ellis (Term expires in 2019)

Cathy Dinger (Term expires in 2019)

The Rev. Matthew Scott (Term expires in 2020)

The Rev. Patricia Lavery (Deacon Representative - Term expires in 2020)

Jeanne Reib (Term expires in 2020)

The Rev. Erin Betz Shank (Term expires in 2021) 

The Rev. Melinda Hall (Term expires in 2022)

Jeff Mills (Term expires in 2022)

Standing Committee

Ministry Description


The Rev. Stacey Fussell (Term expires in 2019)

Anne Bardol (Secretary - Term expires in 2019)

The Very Rev. Dr. John Downey (Term expires in 2020)

Donna Billioni (Term expires in 2020)

The Rev. Jason Shank (Term expires 2021)

Jack Malovich (President- Term expires in 2021)

The Rev. Dr. Mary Norton (Term expires in 2022)

Craig Dressler (Term expires in 2022) 

Committee on Constitution & Canons


The Rev. Elizabeth Yale (Term expires in 2019)

Anne Bardol (Term expires in 2019)

The Rev. Matthew Scott (Term expires in 2020)

Bob Guerrein (Term expires in 2020)

The Rev. Canon Brian Reid (Term expires in 2021)

Kathy Rogers (Term expires in 2021)

Disciplinary Board


The Rev. Alan Coudriet (Term expires in 2019)

Laura Peretic (Term expires in 2019)

Gretchen Tome (Term expires in 2019)

The Rev. Bill Ellis (Term expires in 2020)

The Rev. Matthew Scott (Term expires in 2020)

Dionis Blauser (Term expires in 2020)

The Rev. Canon Brian Reid (President - Term expires in 2021)

The Rev. Stacey Fussell (Term expires in 2021)

William McLean (Term expires in 2021)

Commission on Ministry

Ministry Description


William McLean

Robin Murray

Kaycee Reib

Cheryl Wild

The Rev. Shawn Clerkin

The Rev. Mary Lord

The Rev. Richard Rowe

The Rev. Larry Scofield

The Ven. Gail Winslow

Examining Chaplains


The Rev. Carol Carlson

The Rev. Stacey Fussell

The Rev. Matthew Scott

Deputies to Provincial Synod

Ministry Description


The Rev. Geoff Wild

Anne Bardol

Matthew Ciszek

Convention 2018 Legislative results

Adopted Resolutions

A: Minimum Stipend

B: 2019 Diocesan Budget

    2019 Assessments

C-1: Drug and Alcohol Committee

Courtesy Resolutions

Lois Tamplin Resolution (At the 2018 convention $369.50 was collected, which the bishop is matching, to make a total contribution of $739 to the Church Periodical Club in Lois' memory.) 

Election Results

Standing Committee

The Rev. Dr. Mary Norton

Craig Dressler

Diocesan Council

The Rev. Melinda Hall

Jeff Mills

Constitution and Canons

The Rev. Canon Brian Reid

Kathy Rogers

Provincial Synod

The Rev. Geoff Wild

Anne Bardol

Matthew Ciszek

Bishop's Nominations & Appointments

Workshop & Presentation Materials

Economic Modeling for Sustainable Development and Growth of WNY & NWPA (Canon Bob Armstrong)




Bishop Rowe will lead both dioceses

NIAGARA FALLS, NY--The Episcopal Dioceses of Northwestern Pennsylvania and Western New York voted today to share a bishop and a staff for the next five years as they explore a deeper relationship focused on creating new opportunities for mission.  

The move was formalized when Western New York elected the Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe, bishop of Northwestern Pennsylvania, for a five-year term as its provisional bishop. Rowe will assume the office upon the retirement of Bishop William Franklin in early April.

“History will judge us as the to the right and wrong of the choice,” said Rowe, in a brief address before the vote was taken. “God? God will bless us in our faithfulness to the Gospel call—no matter our choice. And that's all that matters.”

During the first three years of the partnership, the two dioceses will work together to deepen relationships and develop shared mission priorities. In October 2021, they will re-evaluate the partnership and in October 2024, decide whether to continue it.

“We have all experienced the new energy that the conversations about this partnership have created, and we have felt what this infusion of energy could mean for our ministry here in Western New York,” said Franklin, who has been bishop of Western New York since 2011. “It’s created a kind of electricity and given many of us a renewed, missional hope for the future of the Episcopal Church in this region.”

Rowe will maintain offices in Tonawanda and Erie and make visitations in both dioceses. Elected leaders in both dioceses will continue to exercise their canonical functions. Each diocese will maintain its cathedral and send a deputation to the 2021 General Convention. 

“This partnership has the chance to infuse invigorating energy into all of us,” said Danielle Bane, of St. Stephen’s Church in Fairview, Pennsylvania.  “And with that renewal, we can do God’s work with greater generosity because of increased efficiency and a marvelous synergy.  I know it will include some hiccups and challenges, but the light that results will shine brighter.  A little vulnerability and faith are always part of terrific innovations.”

The vote was the culmination of a 14-month process of consultation. More than 500 people attended eight listening sessions in the two dioceses last winter to discuss the proposed partnership. In May, the standing committees of the two dioceses unanimously voted to support the idea.

“We can credit the work of the Holy Spirit to bring the joint energies and the talents of two dioceses under the dynamic leadership of one bishop,” said the Rev. Luke Fodor, rector of St. Luke’s Church in Jamestown, New York. “Sean Rowe is the best possible candidate we could have found to be our provisional bishop.  And now, we look to the future of serving beside new colleagues. May this border crossing moment open our eyes to the way that God is calling forth new realities in our midst.”

The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, president of the House of Deputies gave the convention’s keynote address. She said the restructuring initiatives were afoot throughout the Episcopal Church, and described the proposal voted on today as “bolder and more thorough than most.”

“The world might swirl around us, but we know who we are, and we can stretch our identity, our faith, and, yes, even our structures to accommodate the changes we need to make,” Jennings said.